FIDLAR + Special Guests
Thu 31st January 2019 @ 7pm


+ Special Guests
Open to 14s and over (Under 16s to be accompanied by an Adult 18+). Photo ID required.
FIDLAR + Special Guests
Under The Arches, Villiers Street, London, GB, WC2N 6NG


FIDLAR’s third album, Almost Free , which will be released on January 25,
2019, bears a raw vitality that FIDLAR partly attributes to a certain
lightning-in-a-bottle element in its construction. While the album was
recorded in several different locations—including the iconic Sunset Sound
and Sonic Ranch, a studio in the Texas border town of Tornillo—much of the
material came straight from homemade demos. “On the last record we took
the demos and re-recorded everything in the studio, but this process was
more like how we worked in the beginning,” says Elvis. “I feel like it got us
back to that original feeling we had when we first started making music
together, instead of just pushing everything out on a deadline.”
FIDLAR’s origins trace back to 2009, when Elvis (whose dad played in the
legendary punk band T.S.O.L., and who joined his own first punk band at
age 13) landed an internship at a recording studio where Zac worked as an
engineer, and the two started jamming in the off-hours. “I remember one
day we went out to get a Little Caesar’s pizza and Elvis put on Songs for the
Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age and I was like, ‘I love this record,’” Zac
recalls. “That was the moment when it just connected for me: ‘We’re gonna
be in a band together.’” With Brandon (formerly of Rooney) and Elvis’s kid
brother and lifelong bandmate Max brought into the fold, the four musicians
felt an immediate chemistry but had no real direction. “There wasn’t any
kind of plan to become a working band,” says Elvis. “We just all really
wanted to make loud rock & roll music.”
Throughout Almost Free, FIDLAR match their stronger sense of purpose with
the ineffable magic that’s always driven them—most notably, that pure and
palpable love of playing together. “We were so young when this started, we
were just partying and being kids, and FIDLAR took on a life of its own,”
says Zac. “I really thought I was going to be working on other people’s
music for the rest of my life, and that would be it. In my wildest imagination
I never would’ve thought that this all would’ve worked out the way it
did—but that’s how life happens in general. That’s the classic story.”