Hyphen Hyphen + Young Monarchs + Bloom Twins
Wed 5th June 2019 @ 7pm

Hyphen Hyphen

+ Young Monarchs + Bloom Twins
Open to 14s and over (Under 16s to be accompanied by an Adult 18+). Photo ID required.
Hyphen Hyphen + Young Monarchs + Bloom Twins
Under The Arches, Villiers Street, London, GB, WC2N 6NG

Due to unforeseeable circumstances Hyphen Hyphen have postponed their London date which is to be rescheduled to Wednesday 5th June 2019.

Apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused.

All tickets remain valid on the rescheduled date.




In 2016, those who did not know them yet would discover Hyphen Hyphen on the Victoires de  la  Musique  stage  for  an  explosive  performance  of  the  single Just  Ned  Your  Love. The quartet -which  has  now  become  a  trio  following  the  departure  of  the  drummer  Zac -had won the “Artiste révélation scène de l’année” (Best New Live act of the year) category Victoire.  A  logical  coronation  for  the  young  25-yearold  French  artists,  who  have  become masters  of  the  art  of  embracing  the  crowds  during  intense  concerts -Hyphen  Hyphen  has several hundreds of dates. “We had made a first album for the stage”, recalls the singer Santa.”We were renowned for our concerts.The real challenge of this new album was to become a studio group too.”They  succeeded  in  this  with HH;  the  second  chapter  of  Hyphen  Hyphen’s  discography  was composed,  but  also  entirely  produced,  by  the  group. From  that  point,  based  in  Paris’  19th arrondissement, the three Nice residents -Santa on vocals, Line on the bass and Adam on the guitar -started by spending long days creating 200 drafts for songs, with a very specific brief in  mind.  “We  had  a  clear  idea  of  where  we  wanted  to  go  with  this  album: we  wanted something  more  violent,  more  direct,  more  pop  and  more  unifying,  like  the  American  songs that  we  are  constantly  listening  to.  We  had  a  lot  of  zeal  in  us. And  a  desire  to  win  over hearts.”Hyphen  Hyphen  allowed  this  zeal,  or  aggressiveness  even,  toexplode  as HH came about, for a crazy Take My Hand, the formidable first and multi-layered piece, which finishes off in a breathtaking rhythmic labyrinth.  From  these  first  attempts,  Hyphen  Hyphen  ended  up  keeping  eleven  tracks,  each  viewed  as works  in  their  own  right. “We  wanted  to  consider  each  track  independently  of  the  others.Above all, we didn’t want an album with the same sound on each piece.”The only constants, an impetus and a wild strength, are across all the new compositions of the trio. HH isa grand, lively album; one in the form of a slap (and we’re asking for it again); free in the way it draws on  all  the  genes.  It  draws  equally  on  the  groove  of  RnB  (Kiss  You,  KND)  as  it  does  on  the immediateness  of  pop  (The  Way  to  Stay,  Lonely  Baby and  itsunstoppable  verse  or  even Higher,  grandiose romantic  epilogue)  and trance  from  UK  House  (Be  High  With  Me).  A logical eclecticism for a group whose musical hall of fame brings together artists as varied as Kanye West and Chopin, Destiny’s Child and B.B. King. A great album too, in the way it put

together  lyrics  rich  in  meaning  (Mama  Sorry,  Last  Call and  above  all Young  Leaders, staggering hymn of a generation both lost and free to change the world). Hyphen Hyphen dances for sure, but with its head full of everything which has made up the period: sexual freedom, the quest for intoxication, ennui and feminism (the unstoppable single Like  Boysand  its  fiery  clip).  “I  love  to  play  with  paradox” continues  Santa. “I  am  a  fan  of Marcia Baila by Les Rita Mitsouko: it is a very dance tune, but with very dark lyrics.We have this ambition to create pop with depth; a pop which keeps its spontaneity but which can also be interpreted on several levels.”Although the group took sole responsibility for the production of its album, Hyphen Hyphen was also able to surround itself with the best: HH was recorded in the Parisian studio of the Air musicians (Atlas studio), where the group was able to make the most of a vast choice of synthesisers and the participation of the drummer, Zoé Hochberg. To perfect her voice, now capable of remarkable acrobatics, Santa called on the talent of the American Guy Roche, the regular  vocal  coach  of  the  greats  (Beyoncé,  Mariah  Carey,  Christina  Aguilera,  etc.).  “Guy drove  me  to  my  limits.He  put  me  in  a  kind  of  trance  so  that  I  could  deliver  the  best performance  possible.I  ended  up  doing  some  previously  unheard  things  with  my  voice.He was able to exploit all my flaws and make them a strength, therefore leaving behind just the power  of  theperformance.The  mixing  of  the  album  was  entrusted  to  Maxime  Le  Guil, already behind albums by Justice, Radiohead and Morrissey, and the mastering was entrusted to  Vlado  Meller  (an  impressive  CV -from  Kanye  West  to  Frank  Ocean,  by  way  of  Michael Jackson).  Strengthened  by  this  star  casting  and  the  immense  talent  of  its  authors, HH is  an album that is at once powerful and uncategorisable, which resembles nothing that is out there in the modern French landscape. Hyphen Hyphen wanted to win over hearts: withthis second chapter, they will pierce them.