Caroline Polachek + Sega Bodega
Wed 11th March 2020 @ 7:30pm

Caroline Polachek

+ Sega Bodega
Open to 14s and over (Under 16s to be accompanied by an Adult 18+). Photo ID required.
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Caroline Polachek + Sega Bodega
Under The Arches, Villiers Street, London, GB, WC2N 6NG



Caroline Polachek has already lived an extraordinary life in music: her previous band Chairlift
formed in 2006 whilst Caroline was still in art school; and in 2008 the band was thrust into the
spotlight when “Bruises” was synched in an iPod commercial as the Brooklyn indie scene
peaked as an international export. Caroline’s idiosyncratic vocal style and synth textures quickly
became their sonic trademark, and continued to evolve through their three critically acclaimed
albums into a new, more modular kind of pop experimentation.
Caroline expanded into production in 2013, landing her first credit writing and producing on
Beyonce’s grammy-nominated self-titled album. Restless while making Chairlift’s third (and final)
record “Moth”, Caroline quietly fostered two side projects: baroque girl-group Ramona Lisa, and
minimal synth project CEP. Moving fluidly through radically different genres, Caroline
collaborated with dozens of artists (Blood Orange, SBTRKT, Charli XCX) ; sometimes writing,
sometimes singing, sometimes directing videos, and sometimes all three.
Chairlift disbanded in 2017 and Caroline feverishly began writing for her first solo project under
her own name. For the first time, the DNA from these seemingly different projects fit together
perfectly; the playfulness of Chairlift, the theatricality of Ramona Lisa, futuristic glimmerings of
CEP, plus a new mastery of her voice and thick rolodex of keen collaborators.
Fast forward two years spent manically between the studio and navigating a series of personal
crossroads, and “Pang” marks the beginning of a new chapter. It is the most ambitious,
hardcore and beautiful album of her career to date. With her signature ‘organic autotune’ and
liquid lyricism finally center stage, the record positions her firmly as one of the most singular and
captivating singers of a generation.